We provide consulting and analysis services using bio-logging.

1. Consulting using bio-logging

Biologging can be used to understand data necessary for ecosystem assessment, such as the movement and behavior of organisms, habitat use, and habitat environment.
We can provide a series of assistance including field introduction, use, mounting, and analysis methods for biologging.

Case 1
Assistance in formulating efficient animal damage control measures based on animal movement data
Case 2
Assessment of the impact on wildlife associated with the construction of renewable energy facilities such as wind and solar power
Case 3
Support for the formulation of marine protected areas based on animal behavior movement data

2. Analysis of biologging data

We can interview your request, analyze the biologging data, and issue a report.

3. Support for building platforms and visualization of biologging data

We provide data platform construction and visualization support to utilize biologging data.

Case 1
A web application as a biologging database (Biologging intelligent Platform (BiP)) includes the world’s first biologging data standardization, data sharing, visualization, and analysis functions.
Biologging intelligent Platform

Case 2
We are developing a web application (LoggLaw Cloud) for downloading and visualizing GPS trajectory data from loggers such as the LoggLaw G2.

Case 3
Displaying data transmitted from CTD-DO loggers with cloud communication functionality for smart fisheries and also for fishermen with an iOS application as an interface for the operation logbook.