Light, Pressure, Temperature data Logger

Overview of LoggLaw C8
LoggLaw C8 is a new data logger that collects and stores depth, temperature and  light data. LoggLaw C8 has a highly accurate clock (±95sec maximum per year with automatic temperature compensation) which realizes more precise geolocation. There are two temperature sensors inside the logger and outside the logger at the tip of the stalk. LoggLaw C8 is small but can measure deeper depth up to 1000 m more than LoggLaw C7.. LoggLaw C8 can be flexibly customized with the stalk length, presence / absence of stalk, temperature sensor position, battery size and logger size.

attachment to abdominal cavity of bonito


Logger with stalk

Typical Recording Duration
-12〜36 months:

Technical Specification
ModelLoggLaw C8-100LoggLaw C8-150LoggLaw C8X-250LoggLaw C8X-500
Weight in Air3g
(with stalk)
(with stalk)
(with stalk)
(with stalk)
Sizeφ8 x 26 mmφ9 x 32 mmφ11 x 38 mmφ13 x 44 mm
Absolute Max Depth1000m
Operating Temperature-5~35℃
Real Time Clock AccuracyLess than ±95 sec / Year (with automatic temperature compensation)
Multi-schedule samplingYes
Required Peripherals
(Sold Separately)
Adaptor unit
Logger Holder& Base
Connection cable
Micro USB cable
Setting Software (LoggLaw Surf)
-Measurable Depth〜1,000m
(0-1000m Depth)
±1% FS
Temperature Sensor
-Sensor Range-5〜35℃
Battery12 months *124 months *112 months *224 months *3
36 months*4

*1:Depth, Internal and external Temp, Light at 60 second interval
*2:Depth, Internal and external Temp, Light at 10 second interval
*3:Depth, Internal and external Temp, Light at 5 second interval
*4:Depth, Internal and external Temp, Light at 10 second interval