Hydrophone Integrated Video Logger

Overview of LoggLaw CAM
LoggLaw CAM is a miniature size video logger designed for aquatic animals. The standard size is 40mm×85mm in diameter and length. LoggLaw CAM can record video data in HD and full HD up to 60fps (VGA up to 120fps). The recording time for standard size LoggLaw CAM is around 6 to 7 hours with VGA, 30fps and 4 to 5 hours with Full-HD, 30fps.

You can also view some of the images obtained by the latest video logger.

Green sea turtle encounters with another Individual

Fish pulse-structured sound recorded with LoggLaw CAM


Hydrophone and video are operated with the same clock. So, you don’t have to synchronize the clock manually. Also, It is possible to set the start time and end time of the LoggLaw CAM using the software. Also, multiple duty cycle recording is programmable. The battery is rechargeable and you can select the battery extension model for longer battery life (up to continuously 48 hours). No optical filter is provided, so recording of infrared light is possible. Underwater angle of view is up to 95.5° for a wide angle of view. A built-in infrared LED can be enabled for each recording schedule.

Basic model (No Hydrophone)

Basic model (with Hydrophone)

Battery Extension model

Typical Recording Duration
-6 hours VGA (30fps) without Infrared LED (Basic model & Hydrophone installed model)
-48 hours Full HD (30fps) with Infrared LED in the night (Battery Extension Model)

(Basic model without hydrophone)
-40mm×85mm in diameter and length, 140g in air

(Basic model with hydrophone)
-60mmx70mmx88mm, 255g in air

(Battery Extension model with hydrophone). This is just example
-80mm x 135mm x 150mm, 1200g in air


Video Specification
Video ResolutionVGA(640×480)
*User can choose either one of the above via software.
Frame Rate30 fps or 60fps (Only VGA up to 120fps)
Field of view (Underwater)95.5°(30fps)
Field of view
Focal LengthFixed at 30cm
LEDInfrared LED
Optical FilterNone
Real Time Clock AccuracyLess than ±108 sec / Year (with temperature compensation)
SD cardup to 1 TB
Multi-schedule recordingYES
Water Proofup to 500 m
Operating Temperature-10〜40℃
Required Peripherals
(Sold Separately)
Micro USB cable
(Battery size can be customized)
Hydrophone Specification
Sampling Rate44.1kHz
Amp Gainadjustable

Specifications are subject to change without notice.